The Strangest Casino Locations

Attentive readers of our blog will already have an overview of the casino strongholds Macau and Las Vegas as well as the best casino travel destinations . But there are also really strange locations where roulette , blackjack or machines can be played – at the airport, in prison or in Antarctica, for example. Sound too crazy to be true? Below is an outlook on the world’s strangest casino locations.

Curious Casino Locations: Casino and Safari in South Africa

A vacation in South Africa means getting to know a different culture, exploring the wilderness and of course experiencing animals up close on a safari – and enjoying blackjack and the like at the gaming online poker. Sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what the Sun City Resort in South Africa does. Tourists from all over the world can watch wild animals in the resort during the day and then spend the evening at the gaming table. A recipe for success that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Curious Casino Locations: Casino in Jail

In what place could you imagine a prison that has its own casino for the inmates? Of course – in Nevada. In fact, by the mid-20th century, there was a fully functioning casino where inmates could play games such as blackjack, poker, craps, and even sports betting, among others. The casino lasted for 30 years and even kept the incidents among the convicts to a minimum.

Curious Casino Locations: Casino on Wheels

Anyone who is currently in Los Angeles and looking for a trip to Las Vegas should pay attention now: The X-Train offers a five and a half hour luxury trip in a class of its own. The train has its own casino with table games and a sports bar – the perfect introduction to heralding the trip to Sin City appropriately!

Curious Casino Locations: Casinos and Ghosts

The Imperial Hotel in Cripple Creek is not necessarily in an unusual location, but many guests keep reporting mysterious incidents that are more likely to be seen in ghost films. Allegedly, the slot machines are supposed to spit out money from time to time late at night. That alone would of course be worth the trip to be greeted by generous slot machines after midnight. What is scary, however, is that there are many eyewitness reports who allegedly want to have seen the ghost of the former hotel owner. An experience for all ghost hunters who love to play!

Curious Casino Locations: Casinos at Airports

Anyone who has ever flown to Las Vegas will know the scenario: even at the m8win airports, slot machines are available to sweeten the waiting time for the next flight for all those who like to play. What is less well known, however, is that there are similar things in Europe too. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, for example, the Holland Casino is ready to shorten the waiting time for all passengers as much as possible.

Curious Casino Locations: The world’s oldest casino in Venice

In the sinking and beautiful city of Venice you can experience culture up close everywhere. Venice is also home to the oldest known casino in the world: The CasinĂ² di Venezia in Italy was built in 1638 and invites gaming fans all over the world to enjoy culture and casino games then and now. A must for every Venice vacation: the smell of the sea, the narrow streets, the gondolier and a game of pleasure like hundreds of years ago.

Curious Casino Locations: The Casino in Swamp

The following example provides the perfect lesson for out-of-the-box thinkers and savvy business people. In the American state of Illinois, casinos are only allowed on river boats. At first glance, the Rivers Casino looks like an ordinary casino. The clue, however, is that the casino was built on a puddle or swamp landscape and thus can be considered a riverboat casino – a clever idea that required a lot of creativity in the implementation.

Curious Casino Locations: The Casino in the Taxi

Such a taxi is only known to London tourists, if at all. Birmingham Grosvenor Casino has launched a taxi service that serves drinks to guests while also having a live dealer who brings the casino atmosphere into the taxi – it sounds crazy, but it’s true! Worthwhile for every casino friend planning their next short break in London.

Curious Casino Locations: Casinos 3000 meters above sea level

For friends of great nature, mountains and a feeling like being in the wild west, the following location is just the thing. Wiltwood Casino claims to be the highest casino in the world at 3000 meters above sea level. If you want to spend a casino vacation with a Wild West feeling, you should stop by here.

Curious Casino Locations: Casino in Antarctica

The hit comes at the end. Some educated people will know that there are penguins in Antarctica, but not polar bears – these are at the North Pole. But probably nobody knew that there was a casino even in Antarctica. This was built by the Argentine research team and offers a small but cozy ambience in Hope Bay. Anyone planning to spend their next vacation in Antarctica does not have to do without gambling there themselves.

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